Shameless plug: -fpref- at SSC archive

You may now install -fref-, which is updated to include a suffix() option, by typing:

ssc install fpref

-fpref- adds a prefix or a suffix, or both, to file names by batch. Batch renaming files can be done using the command prompt; but for those who are not comfortable with DOS, -fref- is for you.

The ado and help files are also available at IDEAS and EconPapers.

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  1. Hi,
    What makes fpref version 10 and Windows OS specific? How do we modify it to work with version 9.2 in OSX?

    • hi, john.

      rename is a DOS command and the OS counterpart is mv. -fpref- as posted in SSC (Version 1.0 18sep2010) is an updated version of the one posted in (17sep2010). It already works on other platforms including OS. thanks to kit baum for this advice.

      install this version by typing “ssc install fpref”. to view the ado file, type “viewsource fpref.ado”. hope this helps.

      on the version: indicating the Stata version in the program makes the program compatible with future releases of Stata. I have not tried this using Stata earlier than version 10 thus i cannot claim it would work. but rename is a DOS old timer so it might still work… :)

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