Color palette

There is no better way to choose colors than to see the actual colors, not just the list of colors as in those you get when you type:

help colorstyle

Stata has a built-in color viewer -palette color-, but this command can only show you upto two colors: Figure 1 results from typing:

palette color blue khaki

There are at least 2 user-written programs to display color palettes: Nick Winter’s -full_palette- and Michael Mitchell’s -vgcolormap-. -full_palette- displays a palette of Stata’s graph colors, with their names and RGB numbers (Figure 2). -vgcolormap- displays Stata’s colors and their names (Figure 3).

To use -full_palette-, install the program by typing:

ssc install full_palette

then type (start with an empty data set):


Figure 2: full_palette

To use -vgcolormap-, install the following:

net from
net install vgsg

then type:


Figure 3: vgcolormap

Note that by installing vgsg, you are not only installing vgcolormap, but also other resources associated with the book A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, Third Edition. To find out what has been installed, type:

whelp vgsg

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