Little things I like about Notepad++

I have recently switched to Notepad++ as my do-file editor. Stata’s do-file editor is more than enough but it lacks some features that you would want to have while writing your programs. Here are the little things I like about Notepad++:
  1. Matching pairs of parentheses or braces are highlighted. I like this the most because it makes it easier to look for missing pairs.

  2. I can choose my own short-cut keys to run specific lines or the whole do-file. I still assigned Ctrl+d to run specific lines in my do-file, but chose F9 as short-cut to run the entire do-file (see Run your do-file using Ctrl+d). However, unlike in Stata’s do-file where you can execute a line by selecting only a part of the line, you need to select the whole line to execute it using Notepad++. Also, you cannot run the whole file (in my case using F9) if you haven’t saved it yet. I don’t know if there are ways to get around these yet.

  3. If I highlight a word in the file, it will show were the other same words are. This is more convenient compared to using “find” (Ctrl+f).

  4. I now have a “Word wrap” option. This minimizes the use of “///” or other delimiters.

Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Notepad++ into Stata are available in Friedrich Huebler. Notepad++ is free and can be downloaded from this site. But first, I found this tip from Gabi Huiber very helpful:

“First, when you install Notepad++, you may want to check the box that says “don’t use App Data”. If you do so, then you can copy [Keith] Kranker’s userDefineLang_stata.xml file in the root of your Notepad++ installation and save it as userDefineLang.xml.”

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  1. Seriously, WHAT is with the lack of word wrap in Stata’s do-file editor??

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