Stuck? Hello Statalist

Are you stuck and nobody you know has any idea how to help? Say ‘Hello’ to Statalist. It’s free and harmless.

Statalist is an email based support system for Stata users — you email your Stata problem and somebody from the Stata community interested in your concern replies. Convenient.

You need to subscribe to Statalist (instructions on how to subscribe are detailed here) before you can post your queries. All posts and discussions that follow are forwarded to all subscribers. You may join the discussions (or just ‘listen’ to the discussions, from which you can learn so much).

Go through the Statalist FAQs to know more about Statalist — how it works, appropriate topics for discussion, how to post, etc.

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  3. Thanks for clarifying and apologies for the confusion. I would guess you were referring to my earlier post which I have deleted after I realized I made a mistake. I have made corrections to this post. To add: The wealth of information from the exchanges are archived and can be browsed here.

  4. Some confusion here. You do need to subscribe to either the list or a daily digest before you can post a query. Anybody can look at or search the archives.

    The term “register” is used here. We don’t use that term on Statalist, but if we did “register” would mean the same as “subscribe”.

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