Where can you buy Stata Press books in the Philippines?

Nowhere. Not even on-line. But you can contact Columbia CP, Stata’s distributor, and they can order the books for you from Hong Kong. They will, however, charge additional fees for freight and bank processing. In addition, Customs will hold your books hostage until you pay import duties and taxes (why books are taxed is another sad story). With all these extras, the two books I ordered from Amazon would have cost more than twice!

You can also order books via Amazon and ship them directly to your Philippine address, but  you will be charged a not-so-cheap shipping cost and (again) Customs will hold your books hostage until you pay import duties and taxes. If you choose express shipping (e.g. FedEx), Amazon will charge the estimated custom’s duties so you will not deal with Customs yourself.

But if you have friends or family coming home from the US, order from Amazon and ship the books to them. This is easier and cheaper! Can’t wait for Ma’am O* to come home this December, she has my copy of Christopher Baum’s An Introduction to Stata Programming and J. Scott Long’s The Workflow of Data Analysis Using Stata.


*Our highshcool chemistry teacher and math coach who is now teaching in California (another sad story: best teachers are gone to teach in the US) kindly offered to bring home the books for me when she saw my Facebook post ranting about book taxes. Thanks, Ma’am O (her first name is truly just “O”).

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