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Stata is already on Facebook and Twitter and is also on “Blogosphere.” Looking at xkcd‘s Map of Online Communities (below), another place to be on is YouTube. Wondering whether Stata is on YouTube, I searched and found that there are actually lecture videos on Stata (not by StataCorp). Among the firsts that appear on the search is the series of lectures, which they called “Stata Video Project,” posted on the YouTube channel of the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota (links below). The posts actually got good reviews and more requests.

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Unlike geographical maps, whose changes are too slow to be noticed in a lifetime, the map of the online world will consistently change and in significant ways. Business models will never be the same.



Links to the 8-part Stata lecture series (College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota YouTube Channel):

STATA Video #1 Introductions

STATA Video #2 Introductions II

STATA Video #3 Introductions III (Part A)

STATA Video #3 Introductions III (Part B)

STATA Video #4 Linear Regression (Part A)

STATA Video #4 Linear Regression (Part B)

STATA Video #5 Logistic Regression (Part A)

STATA Video #5 Logistic Regression (Part B)

STATA Video #6 Poisson and NB Regression

STATA Video #7 Quantile Regression

STATA Video #8 Fixed and Random Effect Models

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  2. Is it just me or is the video resolution terrible??? I would hesitate to refer my students to these videos because of that. I am disappointed!

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