Where to buy Stata in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there has been an emerging demand in the public sector for data-driven analysis of various govenrment programs (yes, emerging.. don’t ask why.. but the leadership has a lot to do with this.. bless them). I am lucky enough to be invited to introduce Stata to some government agencies (and some private institutions) and how it can be used with their data. Often the the question where to get a copy of Stata pops up. So, for reference: here is the sole distributor of Stata in the country:

Columbia CP Ltd
Unit 515, Building 1-A
Palmdale Heights Pinagbuhatan

Tel: 0-917 649-6421 (if calling from the Philippines)
Tel: 63-2-5664488 (if calling from outside the Philippines)

Email: sales@columbiacp.com
URL: http://www.columbiacp.com

I told them they could ask the distributor to come and discuss the best licensing option base on their needs. Although I really don’t know if the distributor really  does this. :p But that would be bad service if they don’t.


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  1. Hi, I have been following your blog and I get a lot of tips on stata here. I would like to know if there is any Stata User Group in Manila? There is one in R but I am not intending to learn it because I’m more into Stata.

    Thanks and more power!

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