This is a shameless plug.

By now you may already know that StataCorp initiated a contest in Facebook that started a week ago and will end tomorrow, Dec 2 at 930am CST.

I submitted an earlier blog post “Using Stata to make sense of my Uber Data” (31 Aug 2015).

Please help me win Stata MP by clicking on the photo below and casting your vote. To vote please click the photo and ‘like’. (This will lead you to StataCorp’s Facebook page.)

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Thank you very much! :)


Stata from Scratch for DSWD and NAPC staff

Here are photos taken during the 2-day introduction to Stata for staff of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC).

Thanks to the World Bank for the opportunity to introduce Stata to this group of young—some young at heart =)—and brilliant people.

DSWD can now use the Stata they purchased :) I hope I have encouraged them to learn more on their own.

Shameless plug: Stata Daily on Facebook

This is a belated shameless plug. Stata Daily is now on Facebook. Check it out.  On Stata Daily’s Facebook page, you may post anything Stata. Like the page, and start sharing links to Stata-related sites, blogs, or documents that could be useful to others who are also trying to learn Stata.

You may also click the Facebook button found at the top of the left panel of this page to go to Stata Daily’s Facebook page.

Shameless plug: Index

Check out the INDEX page for easy access to blog entries.

Shameless plug: -fpref- at SSC archive

You may now install -fref-, which is updated to include a suffix() option, by typing:

ssc install fpref

-fpref- adds a prefix or a suffix, or both, to file names by batch. Batch renaming files can be done using the command prompt; but for those who are not comfortable with DOS, -fref- is for you.

The ado and help files are also available at IDEAS and EconPapers.