Graph Recorder: how it works

The graph recorder records all edits that you make in the graph editor so that you can apply the same edits on other charts without manually going through the same process over and over again.

Once you click the Start Recording button , all the clicking and typing that you do within the graph editor is saved until you end the recording by clicking the same button. It is easy: Start-Name-Play. To see how this works, click the following link: Recording illustration

There are two other ways to replay a saved recording. One is to play the recording using the command line by typing “graph play recordingname“. This will apply the recorded edits to the current graph. Another is to add the play() option in your graph command. For example, to replay auto:

sysuse auto
tw scatter price mpg
graph play auto


sysuse auto
tw scatter price mpg, play(auto)


I learned about Jing and through this blog post: Essiential productivity tools for the academic (Brian Perron).