No -usespss- for Mac

In Reading SPSS data file into Stata, I describe Sergiy Radyakin’s -usespss- that loads SPSS data (.sav) into Stata. I was on Windows then. -usespss- is unfortunately not available for Mac OS. StatTransfer could easily do this if you have the software. Another option is to use R.

A quick Google search led me to a simple R routine that does exactly this. Following the steps outlined in Daniel Marcelino’s Loading SPSS (.sav) into Stata, I managed to covert an SPSS data set I downloaded from IDRA UCLA website into a Stata .dta file.

Try it out! It is easy to follow.

An interesting extension is Gabriel Rossman’s importspss.ado (requires R). It implements the R routine as an ado-file.